Alaska Yellow Cedar
(Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)

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Commercial name:
Botanical name:

Specific weight range:
Average modulus of Elasticity:
Bending strength:

Alaska Yellow Cedar
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
430 kg/m3
9800 N/mm2
77 N/mm2

Alaska Yellow Cedar is a wonderful wood specie known for its exceptional fine grain with a very even texture and high resistance to decay. It is found and processed in very limited volumes. Due to the short seasons, the growth rings are exceptionally tight; this makes it a very strong and heavy cedar. It also has a high content of natural oils that inhibit the agents of decay very effectively. Alaska Yellow Cedar is much sought after for their ability to weather naturally to beautiful platinum grey, which in combination with its high durability makes it an excellent choice for decks on yachts. Early 20th century yards like Nevins, Minneford and Herreshoff used AYC specifically for decks on their racings yachts. Alaska Yellow Cedar works easily with hand or machine tools, turns and carves quite well, it glues, screws and nails satisfactorily. AYC Takes a fine finish and wears smooth with use. AYC is also for interior and exterior finish, furniture, cabinetry, turnery, carving, boat building (decks, rails, panelling, planking of dinghies), engineers patterns, and decorative veneer. Also used for battery containers due to high acid resistance.

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