Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce
At our remanufacturing mill in Holland we cut a limited volume of aircraft spruce meeting the MIL-S-6073 and AC-43 specifications. We ship both spar blanks and ribs to mostly European clients, many of them home builders and museums rebuilding vintage planes such as Tiger Moths and Boeing Stearmans.

Aircraft spar blanks

Flawless spar blanks. Each blank is sample tested using the De Havilland brittleness testing unit. Wide faces planed S2S.

Thickness 50 – 63 – 76 – 103mm. Width 80 to 120mm. The lengths range from 3,6 to 6,0 metre

Aircraft long runs and rib stock

Blanks planed S2S, 15mm thick, 76 or 103mm wide. Choice of quarter or flat sawn. Flawless blanks meeting MIL-S-6073.

Length range 1,2 to 4,2 metre
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