8mR J-1 Aun - © Chris Doyle

12 Metre Katie E 5

The spectacular First Rule 12-Metre, designed by Alfred Mylne in 1909 and reconstructed by Philip Walwyn in St.Kitts has been launched and has completed her first 1000 miles of cruising the Caribbean. Katie is the first 12-Metre built since the 1987 Freemantle America's Cup. More impressive even is the fact that since 1914 no gaff rigged Twelves were built and Philip Walwyn took on the challenge to recreate one of the most breathtaking examples of that period. Katie will be for charter in the 2007 season, first in the Caribbean and later in the season at Valencia, Cannes and St.Tropez.
Touchwood was the proud supplier of the Sitka Spruce for the spars.
For more information see www.1906-twelvemetre.com
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