Int. 8-Metre spars

The section design for metre boat spars by naval architect Juliane Hempel have proven to be unsurpassed in performance.
In the Int. 8-Metre Class 5 our of 6 championships in the past years have been won with her designs incorporating our high grade Sitka spruce. Building on the success of close to 15 winning spars, Hempel & Touchwood have redesigned the section to standardise the spruce sections allowing for us to supply a pre-sawn kit, with the grain orientation to the exacting Hempel specifications. This saves the sparbuilders tremendous time as the staves merely need scarf jointing and laminating. At Cowes 2012 the combination of Hempel design and Touchwood’s spruce placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th. This year new 8-Metre spars have been built by Absolute Restorations (Luna and Falcon), Brasker (Bera, Silverfingen, Conewago) and Yacht- und Bootswerft Martin (Wyvern)
by in2itiv media